Here you can order TT team T-Shirts!

In collaboration with the Estonian clothing brand moomoo, it is now possible to order a TT team T-Shirt.

This versatile T-Shirt has been designed for all kinds of sports activities and for daily wear as well.

The T-Shirt is made out of thin polyester fabric, which helps maintain your skin dry. The fabric’s thin and airy net structure makes it an ideal and comfortable shirt for any activity.


  • made out of lighweight polyester
  • dry blend
  • breathable fabric

Price: 25€

Parcel machine delivery included in the price!

To order, please fill in the form below or send us an e-mail to:

After placing your order we will send you an invoice. After the invoice has been paid, we will forward your order to moomoo and will send you more details about your delivery!

Click on the photos down below to take a closer look at the different designs!

Thank you all, we will contact with you soon as possible!

From now on, we will open 2-week periods for orders, of which we will give you advance notice!
Stay with us 🙂