Tuuli Tomingas

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IBU profiil

Best results:

  • World Cup Series 7th place in sprint 2020
  • World Cup Series 16th place in sprint 2020
  • World Cup Series 14th place in sprint 2019
  • World Cup Series 14th place in pursuit 2019
  • World Championships 25th place in individual 2019
  • Junior IBU Cup sprint winner and season overall 6th place 2016
  • European Junior Championships champion 2014
  • European Junior Championships 3rd place 2014

Goals for 2021/2022:

  • World Cup Series stable top 20
  • World Cup Series top 3
  • World Cup Series overall top 20
  • Olympic Games top 6

How did Tuuli get to biathlon?

Following my mothers example, I started ski training in Nõmme. My first coach was Aita Pääsuke, who as a real fan fueled me with love for sports . At the beginning I was rather lazy, but despite that I skied to the top of the Estonian youth group. Aita probably saw potential in me and encouraged me to train more. Results arrived shortly after. As most of the successful skiers of Nõmme Spordiklubi had joined Tõnu Pääsuke’s group of biathletes, I was strongly recommended to join them as well. The irony was that (up to this day) I feared gunfire and avoided picking up the rifle. I was finally convinced otherwise so one hot day in August 2009, I was able to overcome my fear and make the first shots from the rifle. And I do not regret doing that! The journey so far has been through both thick and thin, but overall it has been wonderful.

Tuuli’s first coaches


  • Horseback riding, snowboarding, running (breaking personal running records)
Tuuli esimene ratsavõistlus, Ihaste Derby 2020
EMV 1500m jooksus

Tuuli’s first equestrian competition, Ihaste Derby 2020

The Estonian Championships 1500m run