Susan Külm

+372 59096067
IBU profile

Best results:

  • World Cup Series 77th place in sprint 2021
  • IBU Cup Series 23rd place in individual 2021
  • IBU Cup Series 23rd place in sprint 2021
  • IBU Cup Series 35th place in sprint 2018
  • IBU Cup Series 16th place in individual 2017
  • European Junior Championships 23rd place in individual 2017
  • IBU Junior Cup Series 20th place in sprint 2016

Goals for 2021/2022:

  • World Cup series get stable WC points
  • Participation in the Olympic Games
  • World Cup Series hit ratio 85%
  • World Cup Series losing no more than 7% on the tracks

In season 2020/2021 my average losing on the tracks in the IBU Cup was 9% and in the World Cup Series 12%.
My hit ratio was 80%.

How did Susan get to biathlon?

  • I started skiing in Tallinna Nõmme Spordiklubi when I was 9 years old.
  • I started biathlon in 2010.


  • In my spare time I love to do various sports activities, such as snowboarding, sup-boarding, playing disc golf and much more.